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"not intersted in this COUB" option#28

im tired of seeing the same bad coub over and over and want an option to hide COUBs i want to, like when you dont like a coub and dont want to see it anymore anywhere, click “not intersted in this COUB”

a month ago

This would require a new algorythm, which I’m against, I think that the current algorythm makes coub special, since it shows you “everything”, making it more personalysed would make coub more mainstream an kill it

a month ago

you can just scroll down when you dont like something, not a big deal

a month ago

you can just scroll down

I want you to name one site that does not have this
YouTube have it, Instagram have it, Facebook have it, Twitter have it .. Why do you think? Because no one wants to see too much bullshit. be honest COUB have a lot of bad COUBS ALOT and some of them stay on my feeds for days maybe months
we need this to stop that

making it more personalysed

wth have that to do with personalyzing?
i just dont want to see some of the coubs million time reposted on my feed. is that hard task?
its really just a hide coub option nothing more

a month ago